playing at Beacons Festival

we’re pretty chuffed to have been asked to play at Beacons festival.

we’re playing on the Friday. 17th - 19th August. it’s in skipton, north yorkshire.

check out all the other awesome stuff happening at Beacons on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/beaconsfestival

we’ll be playing alongside some of our favourites from the last couple of years including Real Estate, Factory Floor, Cloud Nothings and Jacuzzi Boys.

unfortunately Wild Beasts are one of the main acts, but you can’t have everything can you. we’re just happy to be playing outside for a change!

email us at fwnspts@gmail.com

we run a label called Bad Paintings

buy records / t-shirts at the Bad Paintings shop

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01/11/14, BTWD Halloween Weekender @ The Fulford Arms, York
12/11/14, GBA Presents Fawn Spots @ Guity By Association Manchester
14/11/14 @ Sheffield


we decided to start keeping a record of every show we played, where it was, how we were treated, if we were paid etc... it's meant as a historical record of our experiences, not as a go at anyone or anything. sorry in advance for any mistakes. click the link for the SHOW DIARY