Euro Tour Debrief

So it’s nearly been a week since we were in Europe. We had a great time. Our friends Mike (Bad Paintings) and Chris (Denim Venom) came with us. We all had a blast. We met some amazing people.

It’s true what they say, Europe shows bands true hospitality - food and drinks never a hassle, no bother with payment, accommodation always given and crowds guaranteed! And people buy merch which is always appreciated.

Special thanks to: Tom @ Occasional Love, Sam & Vincent in Antwerp, John Robb and Richard Foster @ Incubate, Elvira in Tilburg and Elias @ The Loch.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with me!

Here’s some highlights:

Breakfast at George’s Cafe in London

We visited the place our last EP was named after

The boys enjoying the amazing food Sam made us in Antwerp (this picture has Mike and Chris on too)

Playing in Den Eglantier in Antwerp. The colours were actually like this

Playing at Incubate- we had way more fun than it looks like

Acting like kids in Tilburg

This is where we played in Enschede

All the rest of the pictures are here:


We hit the road with the awesome Furrow real soon!More dates to be confirmed… hopefully. stay tuned.

We hit the road with the awesome Furrow real soon!

More dates to be confirmed… hopefully. stay tuned.

Fawn Spots do SXSW….kind of

 One of our friends has gone to SXSW. He did this on somebody with a Black Flag tattoo.

Probably the best lineup we’ll ever be on right there.

Doing things in places // 2012 Dates


We’ve just updated our shows section with 5 upcoming dates.

It’s nearly January 2012 so we’re excited about playing in Los Angeles - especially playing a few dates with White Murder.

So far we have no transport and no places to stay. On the off chance someone reads this and can help then you’re amazing and we’ll buy you something nice like a chili or something.

We’re going to try and post lots of photos from the US, but we probably won’t.

We’ve a couple of shows in York before we go.

I think the shows are listed to the right of this post but who knows how the internet works.

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21/09/14, Supporting Grubs @ Oporto, Leeds
19/10/14, @ A Carefully Planned Festival Manchester
14/11/14 @ Sheffield


we decided to start keeping a record of every show we played, where it was, how we were treated, if we were paid etc... it's meant as a historical record of our experiences, not as a go at anyone or anything. sorry in advance for any mistakes. click the link for the SHOW DIARY